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My new market stall by Carlsbergensis My new market stall by Carlsbergensis
More and detailed pics are coming once I've varnished it.
Resonance21 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! You've been really busy! They all look awesome too. I wish I could have this much made right now. I had to go for a week's trip away from home to help my sister and her kids and I got really sick from something the kids brought home from school. I am still trying to recover.

Have you been using tutorials for these? And if so, do you have links to them? I'd love to see them and try my hand at doing a market stall too! Also, where are you getting all the little containers and stalls and plates and things for your work? Do you build them yourself? Or are you ordering?

And am I asking too many questions? :giggle: :rose:
Carlsbergensis Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I wondered what had happened to you. You were very obviously not here. Tutorials. I bought a book a while ago by Angie Scarr called Making Miniature food. I bought either through Amazon or Ebay but more likely Amazon. It was second hand and cost next to nothing. She has some wonderful ideas and is thoroughly down to earth. A lot of her work is done using canes. An other user I think is Bon appetites. My Apples, Cabbages, onions and lemons are done with canes. If you cut them open the fruit is inside them. The stall was made using a template from Angie and balsa wood from the hobby shop. The wooden boxes are my design also using balsa. Plates are off ebay. Look around, there are some sellers in Hong Kong who are doing really good deals. I have found Amazon and Ebay invaluable in terms of supplies. I even buy my clay from there as it is much cheaper than buying in my local hobby/craft shop. I know things might be a bit different where you are but the concept is all the same.

Too many questions? Nah. Not a chance. You should know by now that you are my favourite correspondent and are in severe danger of having a stalker on the internet!. Keep smiling and keep in touch.
Resonance21 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! I will have to order that book and see what I can do! :D And ebay is a great idea. I will have to try ordering supplies and things from there too. And I love BonAppeteats. Her work is incredible, and I try to always comment on her things... but I don't know if she really notices me out of all the comments because I don't have much made yet. I really want to be her friend and learn from her and share techniques and support, but I am always a little starstruck around her. Haha... one can dream anyway. There are a few clay artists on dA I want to be good friends with. But it is hard when I have been sick and am just getting started and don't have much made. But enough about that!

I have never tried to make a cane before, it looks like it could be pretty hard. But I am excited to try! The fact that if you cut open your fruits and veggies they would actually look like the real thing is mindblowing!

Well, thanks for answering all my questions! I'll see if I can get that book ordered today :aww: And maybe some little plates and such to use for when I am feeling better :aww: I will definitely keep in touch!
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